Finals are Approaching

I only have one week of classes left. The week after that is finals week…WHAT?!?!

It seems like only last month I was brainstorming blog ideas and typing out my four year college plan over summer. Looking back at my first semester of college, I definitely have some regrets (being antisocial, not getting very involved, not exploring the city, not working out…), but I still love college immensely more than any other form of education I have experienced.
So my first round of college finals is quickly approaching, and honestly, I have no idea how I feel about them. To prepare, I’ve made a study schedule. But I don’t really know how to study, so we’ll see how that goes. During finals week, I am going to stay as relaxed as possible. I am going to workout every day (theoretically). I have been getting interested in more distracting activities (calligraphy and lettering and reading), which might be bad. I am also planning to go to the crafts center. I am going to try to blog a lot to break up the studying. I also need to start a new experiment since I’m done with 30 Days of Lists.
This was a bit of a journal-y post, but I promise I’m going to get my blogging act together soon. Peace.

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