5 Book (and Productivity) Bloggers/Vloggers

It’s is another day of 12 Days of Books Lists! Today I am going to be revealing my 3 favorite productivity blogs and my 2 favorite Booktubers.

5. A Life of Productivity
This is Chris Bailey’s current blog. It was formerly A Year of Productivity, in which he told the tales of the year that he devoured all that he could about productivity. The productivity experiments are definitely my favorite. And I’m looking to start experimenting with productivity myself.

4. Study Hacks
Cal Newport’s Study Hacks blog has morphed into an academic productivity blog, but it was previously devoted to student study hacks and time management methods. The archives are very extensive and the school-related posts are very organized. It is incredibly easy to spend days on this blog. There are so many tips and tricks and methods for students that it’s sometimes overwhelming.

3. Live Your Legend
Live Your Legend is Scott Dinsmore’s website. His tagline is “Change the world by doing work you love.” Compelling, right? The best part about this website is the huge variety of free toolkits and workbooks. I recently completed the 2015 New Year’s Resolutions workbook and the 27 Questions to Find Your Passion workbook. They both allow for much introspection and insight.

2. PolandBananasBOOKS
Christine is probably my favorite Booktuber. Her energy is infectious and her reactions to books and trailers are hilarious. I really love her book talks. Her vlog channel is also really funny, especially the videos with her sibliings.

1. Ariel Bisset
Ariel is so smart. She has some great insights on topics and is really good at verbalizing her thoughts about relatively complex concepts.

Who are your favorite bloggers/vloggers?


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