3 OTPs

Today is OTP day! I’m so excited. It was very hard to narrow my favorite literary couples down to three, but I did it. And I am very happy with my decisions.

3. Leo and Calypso from The Heroes of Olympus
Leo and Calypso both had to go through the torture of ultimately unrequited love before meeting each other. When they first meet, they annoy each other to no end. But they finally fall in love. Leo almost literally goes to the ends of the Earth to find Calypso and try to set her free from her imprisonment on a lonely island.

2. Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles
Cress and Thorne are so cute together. Cress had a celebrity crush on Thorne. But then she gets to meet him! Not just that, but they save each other’s lives multiple times, and Thorne ends up returning her feelings.

1. Juliette Ferrars and Aaron Warner from The Shatter Me trilogy
Juliette and Warner are by far my ultimate OTP. They are perfect together. Their relationship changes dramatically between the first and last books. Even though this is a dystopian/sci-fi trilogy, it is very much about the characters. This relationship is one of the major facets of this story. They are just so good together. They help each other grow to unparalleled strength, and they love each other so much their questionable pasts.

What’s your OTP?


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