Productivity Report: The Lunar Chronicles

I read The Lunar Chronicles (the ones that are published) about a month ago. Cress is awesome. From what I can remember, she is the most productive main character (maybe not most productive, but she is the most invested in self-growth). Of course, some of that is due to her excessive amount of free time because she was ya know, locked up in a satellite. She had so much time and so much boredom that she just learned things. Once she got to Earth, her productivity decreased because she didn’t have much experience with her environment. But she has a valid excuse, she didn’t really have time to do things when she was just trying to survive the Sahara and keep her blind companion alive. However, she always maintains her skills, which is a must. Don’t cultivate your skills if you’re just going to let them rot away. 

The other characters were all awesome, too. They make a great team. Cress’s situation and upbringing just gave her more opportunity to do build her skills. I guess she didn’t really need time management though. Definitely not as much as Kai, him being the Emperor of the Commonwealth and all.

Who do you think is the most productive character in The Lunar Chronicles?


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