My name is Yusra Anwar. I am a freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology. And  I am a former procrastinator.

College and high school students, or just adolescent students in general, are stereotypically known throughout society for being lazy, procrastinating, careless individuals who easily fall to peer pressure. Sadly, many students feel compelled to embody these stereotypes. But most students do so much more than they and society realize. We have to balance various school organizations, sports or working out, busy social lives, working, and studying all while still going to class and somehow getting enough sleep to do it all again the next day. We students have the capability to be the most productive individuals in society. But it takes effort. And Seeking Maybe is here to help.

I was always one of those kids that breezed through high school without studying much and only doing necessary work. But during my senior year of high school I began to realize that one of the reasons for such an easy high school career was that I internally said “no” to so many opportunities that came my way. Because I didn’t have too much to do, it was easy to procrastinate and spend hours doing something that would have taken ten minutes to do if it had been started with a productive state of mind. I also began to become cognizant of the fact that this was not a healthy state of mind for someone who was going to one of the toughest institutes of higher education in the world.

Once these stressful puzzle pieces began to come together in my mind, the picture, the solution that appeared was one of myself, as the most productive, involved individual I could be. Instead of endlessly internalizing “no” as I did in high school, I must now seek “maybe” (get it? get it?) and at the very least consider all of the amazing opportunities that come my way.

Productivity and arising opportunities go hand in hand. An increase in the instances of one increases the instances of the other (to a limit, of course). One who has more opportunities must be more productive in order to handle everything. While increased productivity leads to an increase of opportunities. Seeking Maybe is here to help you (and me) take advantage of incredible opportunities and become the most productive students we can be.

Any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, post ideas? Contact me here.


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