Creative Outlets

I think that everyone needs a creative outlet. Even if you don’t think you have time to do something creative, you would benefit tremendously from having something tangible that you have created. Creative outlets can present themselves in many forms, including not only the artsy things, but also things like fashion and story-telling. Most people have some sort of art they create even if they do not realize it. For example, I’ve always doodled on my class notes in grade school, but I didn’t realize that this was my creative outlet until I started to deliberately sit down and doodle with a purpose in college.

I have had multiple creative outlets throughout the years. And I am looking to grow this list. I sometimes feel a sort of pressure to create something new building inside my brain. I have found that this need to innovate has only increased as I’ve become older and especially since I have become more productive. When I first decided to not let myself do schoolwork after 5 pm everyday, I got bored. I finished my work before dinner, and all I could think to do after dinner was watch Netflix until bedtime. I realized that I needed to give myself personal projects to act as extracurricular activities.

My current creativity outlets include: doodling, lettering, and blogging. I hope to expand this list to include calligraphy, YouTube, and art-journaling.

I have also gone through a plethora of creativity outlets in the past. The earliest one I can remember is, obviously, coloring. I also remember cartooning and having drawing competitions with my siblings. In middle school, I went through a makeup-obsessed phase. I didn’t wear that much makeup, but I would watch multiple beauty gurus on YouTube and go through magazines and match my makeup to every beauty product recommended. I quickly transitioned to fashion. I had subscriptions to six different fashion magazines (most of which are still sitting in my closet), and I actively created outfits on Polyvore. After this stage, I began to DIY and craft things all the time. I still love making useful things, such as room decorations. At some point in time, I wrote short poems every day, but those were immediately deleted from my computer. I’m pretty sure I made a bunch of jewelry in elementary school.

It is also incredibly important to have creativity inlets. So go watch some Netflix or YouTube videos, read a book, or listen to music. And create something.

What are your creativity outlets?