Video Share: Double Your Productivity Double Your Life by seanTHiNKs

So I just found the seanTHiNKs YouTube channel a couple days ago. I immediately noticed something similar to many other YouTubers *cough*Hank Green*cough*. Sean just does so much. He implements all of his interests into his daily life, and consequently, pursues his varied goals daily. It has always been a goal of mine to be able to work towards all of my goals and pursue all of my interests simultaneously. This video reminded me that becoming a productive person will allow me, not only to get my necessary work done efficiently, but also to work toward my extracurricular goals. Everyday has enough time for everything I want to do. I need to stop letting the days slip by without attempting to achieve my short-term goals.

Make today count towards each and every one of your goals because life is just a series of today’s. And someday, there will be no more tomorrow’s to push your goal-oriented tasks to.