2 Winter Memories

We’re almost done with 12 Days of Book Lists! This week and a half has flown by. Today I am going to share with you two holiday memories. I don’t have a holiday that I celebrate during the general holiday season, so these are pretty much just things I remember doing frequently during winter breaks.

2. Hot Chocolate
I have lived in the south for the majority of my life. So snow is a very rare occurrence in my life. I generally get to experience snowfall every other year or so. Whenever it did snow, my siblings and I would go outside and play for a bit. And then everyone would go inside and drink some hot chocolate. Lately, I’ve had more of a stay inside and read kind of snow-personality. But hot chocolate is still a thing. Hot chocolate is always a thing. Also, during homecoming week this year, it was really freezing. I think we got flurries at some point. And that was in fall. Saturday morning, before the homecoming game. Most freshman participated in the long standing tradition of the Freshman Cake Race, in which freshman run (more like walk in a penguin huddle) a half mile and get cupcakes at the end. I think the wind chill that morning was something like 15 degrees Fahrenheit. To some people that’s not that bad of a temperature. But I live in Georgia. That’s pretty much the minimum temperature. And it was November 1st. Afterwards, my floormates and I had a hot chocolate party because we were dying from the cold. Hot chocolate=bonding.

1. After Christmas Sales
So in the wee hours of the morning on December 26th, my mom forces me to wake up and go to WalMart, and various other stores, to shop at the after Christmas sales. I’m not complaining because I do usually get a lot of things. Everything is usually 50% off, and since my mother is south-Asian, we must take advantage of all the sales. My mom is now an extreme couponer, but this “tradition” has been part of every one of my winter breaks that I can remember. We also have to go shopping on December 31st and January 1st because that’s when Christmas merchandise that is still in stores is usually 75% off. It is very tiring and stressful. But it is the one thing that I will always remember about the holiday season.

What are your favorite winter memories?

12 Days of Book Lists

My friend Sydney from Books and Stuff has started a tag for the holiday season called 12 days of book lists. I thought it was a great idea, and I am going to partake in it. I know it’s not strictly productivity-related, but having enough time to read is a consequence of being productive. Also, reading can help increase productivity in many different ways. Regardless, I am going to try my hardest to somehow relate each day’s post to productivity.

from sydneybollinger.wordpress.com
from sydneybollinger.wordpress.com

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I tag all of you. Mwahahaha!